Pokemon Insurgence Save File Location

Pokemon Insurgence Save File Location

Pokemon Insurgence Save File Location

Whether you’re looking to back up your game, move your progress to another computer, or just want to tinker around, knowing where the Pokémon Insurgence save file is located can be quite beneficial.

Locating the Save File

The location of the save file varies depending on your operating system. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Navigate to your user folder, which can usually be accessed by typing %userprofile% in the Windows search bar or File Explorer address bar.
  • Once inside the user folder, go to Saved Games.
  • Here, you should see a folder named Pokemon Insurgence. Inside this folder are your save files.


  • Open Finder and press Command + Shift + G.
  • In the pop-up window, enter ~/Library/Application Support/.
  • Look for the Pokemon Insurgence folder. Your save files will be inside.


  • Typically, you can find the save files in the following directory: ~/.config/Pokemon Insurgence.

It’s worth noting that Pokémon Insurgence has multiple save slots. The primary save is named Game.rxdata, but other slots might be named Game_1.rxdata, Game_2.rxdata, etc.

Why Would You Need the Save File?

  • Backup: It’s always a good idea to keep a backup of your progress, especially in a game where you invest countless hours.
  • Transfer: If you’re moving to a new computer or wish to share your progress with a friend, you’ll need access to this save file.
  • Editing: Some players like to use third-party tools to edit their save files. Whether it’s for experimentation, fixing a bug, or other purposes, knowing the save file’s location is crucial.

Tips for Managing Your Save File

  • Regular Backups: Even if you’re not changing computers or editing your save, make it a habit to back up your save file regularly. This way, if anything goes wrong, you have a fallback.
  • Use Cloud Services: Consider using cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox to keep a backup. This can also make transferring the save between different machines much more manageable.
  • Keep it Organized: If you have multiple save files (from different points in the game or using various mods), keep them well-organized in clearly named folders.


Knowing the location of your Pokémon Insurgence save file can come in handy for various reasons, from backups to transfers to edits. Regardless of your reason, remember always to keep your save data safe and backed up. Happy gaming!