Pokemon Insurgence Starters

Pokemon Insurgence Starters

Pokemon Insurgence Starters

Before we dive into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand the innovative feature of Pokémon Insurgence: Delta Pokémon. Delta Pokémon are essentially altered versions of existing Pokémon, boasting different typing and designs. The starters of Pokémon Insurgence are Delta Pokémon, which means they differ significantly from their original counterparts in terms of design and typing.

The Starters

  1. Delta Bulbasaur: Unlike the Grass/Poison type Bulbasaur we all know and love, Delta Bulbasaur is a Fairy/Psychic type. Its design features purple and pink hues, with its bulb being replaced by a crystalline structure. As it evolves into Delta Ivysaur and Delta Venusaur, it retains its Fairy/Psychic typing.
  2. Delta Charmander: One of the most striking changes, Delta Charmander, is a Ghost/Dragon type. Its blue flames and skeletal design give it a ghostly appearance. When it evolves into Delta Charmeleon and Delta Charizard, its design becomes even more ghostly, with Charizard boasting a grim reaper-inspired look complete with a scythe tail.
  3. Delta Squirtle: Shifting from the Water type, Delta Squirtle is a Dark/Fighting type. Its design resembles a ninja turtle with a dark shell and bandana. Upon evolving into Delta Wartortle and Delta Blastoise, it gains a more militaristic, armored appearance, reminiscent of a samurai or armored knight.

Choosing Your Starter

When deciding which starter to choose, remember that Pokémon Insurgence doesn’t strictly follow the original game’s mechanics. The typing, movepool, and abilities of these Delta Pokémon are entirely different from their original counterparts.

  • Delta Bulbasaur: If you’re looking for a Pokémon with great defensive and support capabilities, this might be your choice. With its Psychic and Fairy moves, it can tackle a variety of foes. Plus, its Mega Evolution boosts its Special Attack, making it a formidable force in battle.
  • Delta Charmander: For trainers seeking an aggressive and hard-hitting Pokémon, Delta Charmander is an excellent choice. Its Ghost/Dragon typing gives it powerful STAB moves, and its Mega Evolution provides it with the ability Noctem, which instantly sets up a New Moon condition, enhancing its Dark and Ghost type moves.
  • Delta Squirtle: If you’re a fan of Pokémon with balanced stats and a varied movepool, Delta Squirtle might be your go-to. Its Dark/Fighting typing ensures it has a wide range of offensive moves to tackle opponents. Furthermore, its Mega Evolution grants it the ability to launch moves like Knock Off and Drain Punch with even more power.

In Conclusion

Pokémon Insurgence’s starters provide a fresh twist on the classic Pokémon experience. The game masterfully balances nostalgia with innovation, giving long-time fans and newcomers something unique to explore. Whether you’re drawn to the mystical appeal of Delta Bulbasaur, the eerie charm of Delta Charmander, or the martial prowess of Delta Squirtle, Pokémon Insurgence ensures a memorable journey from the moment you pick your starter. Happy training!